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    Why We Love Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil has been used in the traditional medicine of the Aborigines of Australia for hundreds of years. Leaves from the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia, not the tree that produces black, green and oolong tea) were crushed to extract its oil and used to treat coughs and colds, or applied directly to the skin for wound healing.


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#One Lift Serum


An injection-free alternative to Botox, this highly concentrated anti-aging cream.


Professional Cuticle Softener and Cuticle Conditioner


Essential for pedicure or toenail treatments at the spa.


Chic Shock Collection


Four bold shades serve a full dose of dainty yet edgy vibes.


Spa Star

Leigh Stringer

Leigh Stringer is an architect and a workplace strategist with EYP Inc. She is an advocate of planning new workplaces by assessing how companies work, how they want to work in the future, and how best to design a workspace to meet those needs. A few years ago, Stringer says she “lost that mind-body connection”. She told her boss she needed to take a three-month sabbatical and started to research what it would look like to be really healthy at work. Her book, The Healthy Workplace, was the result of that research. Read