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    Commoditization of Medical Cosmetic Treatments

    Commoditization of medical cosmetic treatments has brought medical procedures into everyday environments like spas, hair salons and “medi spas” popping up on every street corner – even, soon enough, in your local drug store. Having been in the medical cosmetic industry for over 18 years and having seen how high the standards were in the past, it is with regret that I see what has now become the norm.

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    A pioneer in holistic

    Any spa will turn out rejuvenated clients, glowing from their day of saunas and massages – glowing more, presumably, if they are emerging from a week-long-or-more retreat-style excursion. But Quebec’s Spa Eastman, Canada’s first destination wellness retreat of its kind, aims to send visitors home with the know-how – and an encouraging head start


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Yoga Collection


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CBD-Infused Mask Sheet


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CBD-Infused Mask Sheet


Reduce inflammation and redness


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JoAnn Fowler

JoAnn Fowler made actors and actresses look picture-perfect for decades. Her career as an Emmy-nominated makeup artist landed her a prominent spot on television shows like The L Word, and major silver-screen series such as Twilight and the Final Destination franchise. But when an actress drew Fowler’s attention to the parabens, phthalates and other hard-to-pronounce ingredients with either known or suspected harmful properties, Fowler’s conscience compelled her to do something about it.
Today, she is the founder of Sappho New Paradigm, a Vancouver-based company producing a line of natural, organic cosmetics that function as beautifully in real life as they do on high-definition screens – created with a business model that stands for best ethical practices, honesty and transparency, without compromise. Read