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Lutronic LaseMD


A Thulium laser that can be used in skin resurfacing treatments.


4-step Custom Regimen


Comfort Zone’s new skin care system is based on modern plant chemistry innovations.


Nourishing Serum Mask


Deliver nutrients to the skin that increase its ability to retain moisture.


Spa Star

Ashley Callingbull

Multi-talented Cree First Nations model and actor Ashley Callingbull is much more than just a pretty face. Since winning Mrs. Universe in 2015 – the first time a Canadian and a First Nations woman has won that title – the 28-year-old Enoch, Alberta, native has used her new platform to draw attention to Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women. But her history of activism long predates her reign. Callingbull started volunteering with local charities when she was 14 years old, passionate about causes that personally affected her and her family. She joined the pageant circuit as a way to raise awareness for the charities she was working for. Read